Dr Brian Wells FRCPsych | Sahaja Yoga Press Conference, March 1993

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Dr Brian Wells FRCPsych | Sahaja Yoga Press Conference, March 1993

Dr Brian Wells FRCPsych , Consultant Psychiatrist (Addiction Specialist) , London, United Kingdom

From LinkedIn:

I have been a Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in Addictive Disorders for many years now. My clients/patients are international and come from all walks of life.

My company, Leading Health Care International (LHCI) is a bespoke, discreet, ‘word of mouth’​ organisation. We (I, with or without relevant team members) will go to the patient and/or family, anywhere in the world, perform an assessment and recommend/refer to the best healthcare providers in the world according to diagnosis, geographical location, financial means etc.

Having visited, worked closely and become familiar with most of the ‘quality’​ addiction treatment facilities in the world, I remain ‘Independent’ so as to insure the best interests of patients/clients and their families. Occasionally there is an ongoing clinical relationship.

Specialities (Clinical):
– Individuals and families suffering the consequences of addictive disorders
– Medical and surgical referrals where appropriate
– We work WITH regular or local providers (family doctors, therapists etc.) where possible, but are available for alternative opinions and referrals

– Consultancies
– Conferences and lectures
– Publications


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