Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Spreadng Sahaja Yoga In Bengal

Sahaja Yoga @ Andhra Association School

Meditation is a powerful way to reduce stress-related problems and improve quality of living. Sahaja Yoga is a simple technique to achieve oneness with the divine i.e. self-realization and attain peace and happiness. Sahaja yoga meditation is available free of cost to the public, community, or business. Sahaja Yoga is open to people on all […]

Sahaja Yoga @ St. Xaviers School, Barjora

Sahaja Yoga Self Realization and meditation program was held in St. Xaviers School, Barjora (near Durgapur, West Bengal) on 06 Feb, 2020. Both the students and teachers were initiated into the divine wisdom of Sahaja Yoga and were taught the art and science of authentic meditation – the Sahaja Yoga way! Here are some pictures […]