Mooladhara Chakra

Chakras & Nadis

Innocence and Wisdom (Mooladhara) 

Location. The Mooladhara chakra is located in the pelvic plexus at the base of your spine. The vibrations of this root chakra can be felt on the base of your palm.

Qualities. Your Mooladhara chakra forms the foundation of your entire subtle energy system. It represents eternal and indestructible qualities within you. These qualities only manifest to their fullest potential when your Kundalini energy has been awakened. This chakra is represented by a coral red color. It is closely aligned with the earth element.

Mooladhara chakra qualities include:

•         Innocence
•         Purity
•         Simplicity
•         Childlike joy
•         Inner wisdom
•         Dignity
•         Balance
•         Purpose and direction
•         Connection to Earth
•         Harmony with nature

The fundamental quality of the Mooladhara chakra is innocence. Innocence is the basis of righteous (dharmic) character. Your innocence can never be destroyed, but it may be covered (or masked) by your ego and conditionings, just as the sun may be covered by clouds.

Negative societal influences can also muddy the pure innocence and wisdom that is part of your Mooladhara chakra. The good news is that meditation can restore them. When you rebalance your Mooladhara, you can renew your energy and priorities.

Experience and Benefits. A balanced Mooladhara will help you maintain and increase your inner wisdom. You’ll be able to quickly distinguish right from wrong. The wisdom of this chakra will enable you to avoid action (or inaction) that is harmful to yourself or others.

A balanced Mooladhara chakra will also lead to improved memory, attention and focus. You’ll be able to manage your intellectual energy and make decisions quickly while maintaining emotional balance and stability.

Additionally, the innocence of this chakra will enable you to view other people and situations without prejudice or bias. Your actions will be pure as a result.

Tapping into your Mooladhara will give you the ability and authority to raise your own Kundalini energy as well as that of others who also wish to experience the benefits of Kundalini energy awakening. You will become better able to distinguish false information. You will not fall prey to those who would cheat you or “take you for a ride.”

Your Mooladhara chakra plays a role in helping you remain in harmony with nature. It also helps you to avoid unnatural or unhealthy lifestyles (those that may be considered “perverse” or “against nature”). Mooladhara allows you to respect your innocence and purity, as well as that of others. It is through the Mooladhara chakra that birth and creation continue their course.

When you experience a disruption of your Mooladhara chakra, many illnesses may result. Because it governs sexuality and the reproductive system, balancing this chakra will guard against a misuse of sexuality or sexual perversions. Mooladhara also governs your excretory system. When the chakra is balanced, your body will be free of diarrhea or constipation.

Left channel problems, such as depression or lethargy, can also be prevented by balancing the Mooladhara chakra. Right channel problems, such as aggressive behavior, excessive thinking, excessive planning and overindulging may also be eliminated. 

Self-Assessment. If your Mooladhara chakra is out of balance, you may experience a poor sense of direction, poor memory, or a poor sense of balance (gravity). Other symptoms of disruption in this chakra include excretory problems, sexual disorders and reproductive difficulties.

How to Balance. Fortunately, it is quite simple to balance your Mooladhara chakra. To begin, you should sit directly on the earth as often as possible. While enjoying a peaceful moment outdoors, you may clear your left Mooladhara by resting on the ground in a cross-legged fashion. Place both hands on the ground beside your hips, palms facing downward.

If you are unable to spend time outside, there is another option. Soaking your feet in a bowl of warm salted water is also helpful in balancing the Mooladhara chakra.


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