Sahasrara Chakra

Chakras & Nadis


Location. Your Sahasrara chakra is located within your brain’s limbic system. You may feel the vibrations of the Sahasrara chakra in the center of your palm.

Qualities. It is through the Sahasrara chakra that you are able to connect to the power that created you. Through this, you may discover the meaning of your life. It represents your ultimate destination – the realization of heaven on earth.

Sahasrara chakra qualities include:

• A sense of “oneness” with the universe (also known as “integration”)
• Thoughtless awareness or mental silence
• Doubtless awareness or awareness of the divine energy

Each of your six main chakras (from Mooladhara through Agnya) has roots within your brain. When you practice Sahaja Yoga, the Kundalini rises. It passes through each of the six chakras and settles in the limbic region of your brain. This process is also known as Spiritual Enlightenment.

The Sahasrara chakra is represented in the hollow space within the limbic area. One thousand nerves surround this space. When the Kundalini energy enters your Sahasrara chakra through meditation, all these nerves fire in unison. The Kundalini energy then manifests through the top of your head and unites with the Divine Energy of the universe.

Experience and Benefits. As the Kundalini energy pierces through the top of your head (also known as the fontanel area), it unites your individual consciousness (atma) to the universal consciousness (paramatma). This may be felt as a powerful pulsating sensation in the crown of your head. A melting sensation and cooler vibrations often follow these powerful pulsations. As a result of this experience, you will have obtained a new dimension of awareness that will allow you to better perceive truth. You will have everything you need to distinguish good from bad, right from wrong and truth from falsehood.

Once you have achieved the connection of your Kundalini, to the Divine Energy of the universe, you will no longer be consumed with the past or the future. You experience true inner joy unlike any you have experienced before. At this point, your human awareness has been united with the divine and your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual selves have become one.

You can now act in perfect harmony. You will no longer feel confusion or contradiction. You will experience complete inner calm and perfect joy. You will intuitively know what response or action is morally correct.Prior to achieving the connection of your Kundalini, you may have had to accept that God exists on faith alone. But afterward, you will move into a state of doubtless awareness, where you are both aware of and feel sure about the existence of the divine. As you continue to meditate, this doubtless awareness will become even stronger.

Self-Assessment. If your Sahasrara chakra is blocked or imbalanced, you may have difficulty feeling the vibrations in general. You may also experience doubts as to spiritual reality or the existence of the divine. Fortunately, the more you practice meditation in Sahaja Yoga, the clearer all your chakras (or energy centers) will become. This will eventually lead to balance within the Sahasrara. All that is required is an open mind and a willingness to continue practicing your meditation.  Eventually, you will achieve and experience the connection of your Kundalini to the Divine Energy fairly regularly.

How to Balance. You can work towards balancing your Sahasrara chakra by placing your right hand firmly on the crown of your head. Rotate your hand slowly in a clockwise direction while saying, “Let me experience the state of meditation.”

If you are unable to feel the vibrations initially, do not let that be a cause of doubt. Many people practicing Sahaja Yoga require longer amounts of time before they are able to experience vibrations or credibly confirm their own connection of the Kundalini energy.  Just be patient with yourself and keep at it. You’ll get there too. This is an important step in keeping your Sahasrara chakra open and free from obstructions.

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