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Creativity (Swadisthan) 

Location. Your Swadisthan chakra is located in the aortic plexus above your sacrum bone. This chakra controls the functioning of your liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, and female reproductive organs (if you are a woman). The vibrations of your Swadisthan chakra can be felt in your thumbs.

Qualities. The Swadisthan chakra is represented by the color yellow. It is aligned with the purifying element of fire.

Swadisthan chakra qualities include:
• Creativity
• Appreciation of beauty
• Inspiration
• Idea generation
• Undistracted attention
• Keen intellectual perception
• Pure knowledge
• Spiritual knowledge

The fundamental quality of the Swadisthan is creativity. It is through this chakra that your creative energy is generated. The Swadisthan also governs attention, inspiration and pure knowledge. When you open yourself to the qualities of the Swadisthan chakra, you will discover that the beauty and power of creation is reflected within you. You already contain a limitless amount of creativity and knowledge. Practicing Sahaja Yoga will teach you to tap into it.

Experience and Benefits. The most important physiological function of your Swadisthan chakra is the breaking down of fat particles within your abdomen to replace your brain’s gray and white matter – the stuff of “thinking.”

Excessive thinking and planning is very common in today’s world. Ultimately, the right side of your Swadisthan chakra can become exhausted by all that thought. When this happens, you may find that your creativity falters and your work becomes lifeless. You may no longer experience spontaneity and joy.

This happens because your Swadisthan chakra is neglecting other organs that it should be taking care of in order to replenish the brain matter you have lost through an excess of thought. For example, your liver has to work harder to produce fat cells to meet your body’s demand. Because the liver is the seat of attention, you lose focus and pure thought is compromised.

It is important to recognize the difference between attention (which is a quality of the Swadisthan chakra) and thought (which is detrimental to it). Attention means close observation or listening. It is pure focus upon an object without thought. Attention is concentration, observation and witnessing.

For example, you might direct your attention to a flower, appreciating its beauty and its fragrance, without actually thinking about it. You would observe it and marvel at it without questions running through your mind such as, “What is the name of this flower?” or “I wonder if this is an annual or a perennial?”

A balanced liver sustains and nourishes your ability to be attentive by filtering out impurities, distractions and external clutter. The peace and stillness that helps you to meditate effectively comes from this purified attention.

When your Swadisthan chakra is balanced, excessive thinking is prevented. You will be able to maintain a peaceful mind free from worries, doubts, confusion and distraction. The creative work you do while in this balanced state will be spiritually enhanced. It will have “heart.”

Self-Assessment. If your Swadisthan chakra is unbalanced, you may find that you have difficulty meditating and a general lack of creativity. You may also experience insomnia and irritability. Other symptoms of an unbalanced Swadisthan include illnesses such as diabetes, blood-related cancers, allergies and heart disease.

How to Balance. Fortunately, meditation provides a simple means for balancing this chakra. To clear your Swadisthan chakra, you should soak your feet daily in normal temperature water.

If you wish to focus on clearing your right Swadisthan chakra, soak your feet in a bowl of salted, cold (even iced) water during meditation. You may also place an ice pack on the right Swadisthan position. This is located just above the place where your torso connects to your right leg.

To clear your left Swadisthan chakra, soak your feet in a bowl of salted, hot water during meditation.

If you experience persistent problems with the balance of this chakra, try using a candle flame to clear it. Just hold the candle in your right hand a few inches in front of your left Swadisthan chakra. The left Swadisthan chakra is located just above the place where your torso connects to your left leg.

Source – www.sahajayoga.us

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