Vishuddhi Chakra

Chakras & Nadis

Collectivity, Relationships & Communication

Location. Your Vishuddhi chakra is located in the neck region of your spinal column. The vibrations of your Vishuddhi chakra can be felt in your index fingers. Your left index finger is associated with the left Vishuddhi, while your right index finger is associated with the right Vishuddhi.

Qualities. The Vishuddhi chakra is represented by a light shade of blue. It is aligned with the purifying element of ether.

Vishuddhi chakra qualities include:

• Positive relationships
• Effective communication
• Politeness
• Diplomacy
• Sense of community
• Pleasant personality

The fundamental qualities imparted by your Vishuddhi chakra include effective communication and a sense of community. When your Vishuddhi is balanced and energized, you feel in harmony with the rest of humanity. It is through the Vishuddhi chakra that you receive the ability to be diplomatic, polite and pleasant.

The Vishuddhi chakra also gives you the ability to accept shortcomings and challenges without feelings of guilt.

Experience and Benefits. The Vishuddhi chakra governs your neck, throat, arms, face, ears, mouth and teeth. It also controls your communication skills.

When your Vishuddhi chakra is balanced, you have a balanced perspective on events in your life. Challenges can be faced with tranquility. You feel optimistic even in overwhelming situations. The Vishuddhi chakra allows you to recognize that external events exist outside you. As a result, you are able to witness them calmly.

A balanced Vishuddhi is essential to your growth as a spiritual being. It is also essential to the growth of positive and healthy relationships with others. Diplomacy and respect are both enhanced by the strength of this chakra. Practice of meditation in Sahaja Yoga enables you to energize and protect both the left and right sides of your Vishuddhi chakra. You can also energize this chakra when you speak from the heart and praise rather than criticize.

Self-Assessment. If your Vishuddhi chakra is not balanced, you may experience a lack of self-respect and feelings of guilt. You may also experience periods of overreaction and aggressive communication.  Excessive talking or shouting can sometimes cause a block in the right Vishuddhi chakra. Pain or infection in your ears or teeth may indicate a Vishuddhi chakra blockage. Feelings of guilt may present themselves as sore or tense shoulders and neck. This can indicate an imbalance in your left Vishuddhi. Reoccurring colds, sinus and bronchial infections may indicate an imbalance of your right Vishuddhi.  Improper or illicit relationships may also cause imbalances in the Vishuddhi chakra.

How to Balance. If you want to balance your Vishuddhi chakra, place your right hand a few inches in front of its location. Your palm should be facing inward. Once you feel energy flowing through your hand, rotate it around the chakra in a clockwise direction. Repeat this rotation several times.

To clear your left Vishuddhi, hold a candle flame a few inches away from the intersection of your neck and left shoulder. Move the flame gently and slowly in a clockwise circle around the chakra.

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