Anahata Chakra

Chakras & Nadis

Heart (Anahata) 

Location. The Anahat chakra is located within your spinal column. It may be found at the level of the center of your chest, behind your sternum bone. Associated with your cardiac plexus, the vibrations of the Anahat chakra may be felt in your little fingers. 

Qualities. The Anahat chakra is represented by the color red. It is aligned with the essential element of air.

Anahat chakra qualities include:
• Unconditional love
• Unconditional compassion
• Gracious behavior
• Truth
• Joy
• Confidence
• Absence of fear and sense of security in life
• Positive paternal and maternal relationships

The fundamental quality of the Anahat chakra is unconditional love. It is through energizing the heart chakra that you are able to become confident, self-assured, morally responsible and emotionally well balanced. When you open yourself to the qualities of the Anahat chakra, you will experience the pure joy of existence. You also discover your purpose and place in the world.

Experience and Benefits. The most important physiological function of your Anahat chakra is the regulation of your heart and lungs. These organs control the health of your circulatory and respiratory systems, making proper function absolutely essential. The Anahat chakra also controls the breasts and thymus gland. The thymus gland is a small gland located behind the top of your breastbone. It is essential in the functioning of your immune system.

Sometimes, we confuse love and compassion with less desirable feelings of possession and selfishness. Because the Sahaja Yoga fills your heart with the divine energy  , you are able to tell the difference. You will find yourself more aware of the needs of others. You will be able to love purely and without selfishness.

As with many of the other chakras, the stresses of daily life can lead to blockage and imbalance. Excessive thinking, excessive planning, insecurity and anxiety can all contribute to an imbalance of your Anahat chakra. However, when you energize this chakra through meditation, you will regain balance. You will feel confident and secure-immune to negative influences. When the heart chakra is strong, you are free to fully appreciate the joy of life.

If you have experienced negative maternal or paternal relationships, a strong Anahat chakra can even help you mend them. You’ll learn to set boundaries for your own behavior and respect the boundaries of others. All of your relationships will improve as a result.

Self-Assessment. If your Anahat chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you may experience symptoms such as heart palpitations, asthma and a weakened immune system. In the most severe of cases, heart attack, breast cancer and lung diseases may occur. However, it is unlikely that you’ve reached such a state. Balancing this chakra is simple and will help you prevent these serious diseases as well as less serious symptoms.

How to Balance. If you need to balance your Anahat chakra, breathe deeply and slowly for several seconds. You will feel yourself relax as you inhale and exhale. Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. Exhale slowly and smoothly. Repeat the process several times.

For your right, center and left Anahat chakras, the following method may also be used to bring balance. Place your right hand a few inches away from your heart chakra, palm facing inward. As you feel energy flowing through your hand, rotate it around the chakra in a clockwise direction. Repeat the rotation several times.

You can balance your left Anahat chakra specifically by placing your right hand on your heart while meditating. Speak these words several times: “I am one with my spirit.” Feel these words within your heart.

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