Agnya Chakra

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Location. The Agnya chakra is located in your brain. It is situated within the junction of your optic nerve fibers in the center of your forehead. The vibrations of the Agnya chakra can be felt in your ring fingers.

Qualities. The color silver represents the Agnya chakra. This chakra is aligned with the essential element of air.

Agnya chakra qualities include:

• Forgiveness
• Compassion
• Humility
• Thoughtless awareness
• Ego and superego

The primary quality of Agnya is forgiveness. It is through this chakra that you learn to forgive yourself and others for human shortcomings. The Agnya chakra is also referred to as “the third eye.” When energized, this chakra allows you to achieve the thoughtless awareness, or mental silence, that is so essential to rejuvenating meditation.

The Agnya chakra is the gateway to your Sahasrara chakra, which symbolizes the purest spiritual realm. Sahaja Yoga meditation is the simplest way to purify your mind and intentions. It allows your Kundalini energy to pass through the Agnya chakra and into the Sahasrara. The experience is quite miraculous, relieving and joyous as you find yourself connected to the higher power that created the universe.

Experience and Benefits. Your Agnya chakra controls your sight, hearing and thoughts. It also controls your pituitary gland. This essential gland, also known as “the master gland,” regulates all the other endocrine glands and influences your growth, physiological maturation, metabolism and sleep.

Many of us spend long hours on the computer as part of our jobs. We also spend a great deal of time in front of the television. Too much visual stimulation can weaken the Agnya chakra. Thankfully, the regular practice of meditation in Sahaja Yoga can alleviate this problem.

Your left Agnya is connected to the superego portion of your brain, which retains your memories, experiences, habits and emotions. Your right Agnya is connected to the ego portion of your brain, which focuses on the future through thinking, planning and action. Your ego and superego intersect within the Agnya chakra.

If your left Agnya is overactive, your superego may swell up like a balloon. All that focus on the past may lead to the development of a highly emotional temperament and self-harming thoughts or behaviors. Similarly, if your right Agnya is overactive, your ego will balloon up with all of the excess thinking and planning. This may lead to agitation, frequent loss of temper and even aggressive behavior towards others.

Fortunately, filling the Agnya chakra with Kundalini energy is a very effective way to balance and deflate any balloons. The mental silence that comes from meditation instills humility in all of us. Through humility, we develop the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness is about acceptance and healing. It frees you from the negative bonds of anger, hatred and resentment. In forgiving, you can expect to experience a tremendous sense of peace and relief.

Self-Assessment. If your Agnya chakra is blocked, you may experience an inability to forgive yourself or others. You may also find yourself dwelling on the past or consumed with self-pity. Egoism and aggressiveness are other signs of an Agnya imbalance, as well as an obsession with pornography or distracting sexual fantasies. Worrying, excessive thinking and excessive planning may also indicate a blockage of the Agnya chakra.

How to Balance. To balance your Agnya chakra, practice your meditation exercise in a natural setting. Try meditating outdoors while looking at the sky. You may also place your right hand on your forehead, then lower your head slightly and say, “I forgive everyone, including myself.” Try to express your forgiveness from your heart.

The best way to keep your Agnya chakra balanced is to avoid excessive thinking and planning. Live in the present –and enjoy every second!

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