Nabhi Chakra

Chakras & Nadis

Generosity, Evolution, Contentment (Nabhi) 

Location. Your Nabhi chakra is located within your spinal column. It can be found parallel to your navel. It is closely associated with your solar plexus. The vibrations of your Nabhi chakra can be felt in your middle fingers.  The function of your abdominal organs (stomach, liver, kidneys, and bowels) is regulated by the Nabhi and Swadisthan chakras along with the Void. These three subtle centers work as an integrated unit in ensuring a harmonious physiologic environment in your body.

Qualities. The Nabhi chakra is represented by the color green. It is aligned with the essential element of water.

Nabhi chakra qualities include:
• Generosity
• Nurturing
• Contentment (or satisfaction)
• Peace
• Joy
• Balance
• Righteousness (or dharma)
• Honesty
• Pure attention
• Dignity
• Evolution (or the achievement of goals)

The Nabhi chakra imparts several fundamental qualities, including generosity and the capacity to evolve. It is through your Nabhi chakra that you experience a desire to grow, improve and achieve your goals. It influences every “seeking” action within your life, from the fundamental quest for food and water to your quest for peace and spirituality. Because of this chakra, you have the capacity to evolve progressively to a higher stage of life.

Another key quality of the Nabhi chakra is contentment (or satisfaction). It is through your Nabhi chakra that you may establish an ideal balance between all areas of your life (including family, work and spiritual). At the same time, energizing this chakra enables you to be nurturing and righteous. It imparts the qualities of caring, nurturing and affection to wives and mothers that help them take care of their families.

Experience and Benefits. The most important physiological function of your Nabhi chakra is regulating many of your internal organs. The left Nabhi regulates the pancreas and spleen. Your center Nabhi regulates your stomach and intestines. Your right Nabhi regulates your liver and gall bladder.

Your liver’s role in meditation cannot be overemphasized. It’s vital to achieving a state of perfect thoughtless awareness and attention. Because we tend to live stressful lives, our livers are prone to overheating and exhaustion. Practicing Sahaja Yoga will help you balance and protect this essential organ.

The Nabhi chakra also plays an important role in proper digestion and metabolism. Over indulgence in food affects your Nabhi chakra. Good, nutritional food eaten at regular intervals helps keep the Nabhi chakra balanced.

The Nabhi chakra is essential to your family life as well. As you energize and balance it through meditation, you may find yourself with renewed strength to face familial responsibilities. You may even find yourself enjoying duties you used to avoid.

Achieving prosperity is a necessary step in your evolution. Your Nabhi chakra is at the core of your financial welfare. It will help you fulfill your essential needs and desires. You have been born with all the intellectual and physical talents necessary to allow you to earn the money that will fulfill those needs. A strong Nabhi chakra means that once your financial needs are fulfilled, you will start focusing on your spiritual prosperity.

Self-Assessment. If your left Nabhi becomes blocked or imbalanced, you may notice an increase in difficulties involving your family and household. You may also experience concerns about money. If you have a blockage of your center Nabhi, you may experience minor problems or imbalance with your digestion or metabolism.  When there is an imbalance of the right Nabhi, you may find yourself prone to worry and anxiety. You may also feel stingy and lack generosity. Fortunately, the practice of Sahaja Yoga will help you balance and restore the energy of this vital chakra.

How to Balance.  Balancing your right Nabhi chakra is quite simple. Just hold your right hand, palm facing inward, a few inches in front of the location of your Nabhi chakra. When you feel the energy flowing through your hand, rotate it in a clockwise direction around the chakra. Repeat several times. You can also balance your right Nabhi by placing an ice pack on your right side, over your liver. To balance your left Nabhi chakra, soak your feet in a tub of warm water as you perform your usual meditation. 

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