What benefits does Sahaja Yoga offer?

Sahaja Yoga

The experience of discovering one’s inner subtle self is unparalleled. And if you’re seeking to explore this spiritual self-journey in a near-effortless manner, Sahaja Yoga may be exactly the vehicle you’ve been looking for. 

Once the light is shining within, you discover your chakras and come to understand how nourishing them produces lifelong improvement of your personal qualities. Over time, you become a more spiritual and subtler person. You develop a heightened awareness of the virtues in life that really matter.

During this spiritual journey, Sahaja Yoga helps you focus your attention on specific chakras and developing the qualitative aspects associated with those chakras. For example…

▪    At the first chakra (Mooladhara), you rediscover your childlike innocence and innate, intuitive wisdom.

▪    At the second chakra (Swadisthana), you discover and tap into your creative instincts.

▪    The third chakra (Nabhi) helps you develop a sense of contentment and master your accomplishments.

▪    The fourth chakra (Anahat) helps you open your heart and show tremendous compassion to everyone around you and nurtures family relationships.

▪    The fifth chakra (Vishuddhi) enables you to be an effective communicator and helps you achieve a sense of perspective, a balanced, healthy emotional detachment in stressful situations and diplomacy and eloquence in all aspects of your life.

▪    The sixth chakra (Agnya) helps you forgive just about everyone and everything, so that you can move forward without hangups or grudges and identify with your free and powerful Inner Self.

▪    Finally, the crowning glory of Sahaja Yoga is the opening of the seventh chakra (Crown or Sahasrara), which integrates all the qualities within you and enables you to remain connected to nature and to the universe and feel that you are an integral part of it. This transformative connection enables you to understand the deeper, true meaning and purpose of your life and, ultimately, achieve your highest potential.  

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