Sahaja Yoga & Stress Management@Narula Infrastructure Pvt Ltd

Sahaja Corporate Training

Stress Management & Self Realisation programme @ Narula Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., Jamshedpur.
Around 55 heads attended the programme conducted by Sahaja Yoga West Bengal Collective.

Why do we have stress ?

It is a generally accepted scientific theory that human beings are social animals and are empowered with intellectual capabilities, which is constantly influencing them to better their ways of living. This means that every person has to function within the norms set by society in general, and his immediate circle in particular. While functioning within these boundaries he/she has to fulfill his/her aspirations along with the activity of earning his/her lively hood.

Therefore over long years of civilization, we have developed a very complex structure of society, which is fragmented in many ways. Depending upon the parameters of culture, profession, caste, creed, religion etc. Similarly a business executive has to meet his/her career aspirations, company commitments, family obligations and social expectations.

Women have to meet the job commitments, stringent family commitments, and social bindings. As the world moves on the population grows, trying to get their share of the limited resources.

This is compounded by the growing aspirations of individuals, groups, states, countries, being Influenced by technology, mass media, and so on. The direct result is an increased state of competition, between individuals, groups, and countries at all conceivable levels, including society. The result: high pressure… but the show must go on and we continue to do our work and try to meet our obligations over prolonged duration.

Stress Management

A number of ways have been evolved over the years to tackle stress. Many resort to drinking, smoking, drugs etc., which are harmful. Relaxation techniques have been found to be more effective than others and meditation is the best relaxation technique. In Sahaja yoga, the regular practice of meditation, after the self-realization, can bring necessary additional change as the person is evolved leading to a balanced outlook toward events and situations he has to face in daily life.

Stress Management through Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja yoga meditation brings about equilibrium between the sympathetic and Para-sympathetic nervous system response in the process knocking down the sympathetic dominance usually seen in stressful situations, and thereby helps prevent stress disorders.

The technique is simple- it is a way of activating a mechanism- the Kundalini- which is the divine energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. This mechanism is the moving force of our enlightenment and is a living force, which seeks self-organization, self-regeneration and ascent. Through self-organization it sustains and protects the human system. Self-regeneration is its innate ability to heal, renew, balance and recycle. And, ascent is its ability to transcend the mind and body and to attain collective consciousness.

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