MUSIC OF JOY: Sahaja Meditation in Vietnam

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Music of Joy (MOJ) , an orchestra team from Australia, in association withVietnam Sahaja Meditation Collective recently organised several programs in cities Da Lat,Danang, Hanoi, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh.

The MOJ Group of 40 members consisted 8 singers, four guitar players, three drum players (table, dholak & djembe), saxophone, flute with group leader John Smiley playing Harmonium and also singing and others for supporting roles.

All the members with different backgrounds, practising Sahaja meditation, with the blend music in their veins join the MOJ tours every year, spending their own money. Three members from India, one from Mumbai and two from Indore were also part of the team to enjoy the MOJ. The group enthralled the audience with their music at all the programs.

Vietnam is a beautiful agro-based country with greenery everywhere. Gardens with greenery can be seen at every nook and corner of roads and also along highways. One cannot miss this green scenery with trees and flowers inVietnam.

The Group enjoyed the beauty of Vietnam by visiting tourist attractions at all the cities. John Smiley, a professional Music Teacher in Sydney Australia and SahajaMeditation practitioner, leads the ‘Music of Joy’ (MOJ). He said, “This is the fifth time that we have come to Vietnam. This is a country with loving people and interesting tourist sites, we selected for MOJ. Earlier we had MOJ programs in major cities China, Taiwan, Japan, Phillipines, Malaysia, India, Nepal,New Caledonia and New Zealand”, and continued “Our tour covers either one country with several cities or major cities of different countries. This is our sixth MOJ tour”.


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