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Five Indian Students pursuing their higher studies Masters or Doctorates), Deepa (Physics), Shraddha (Chemistry), Suresh (psychology), and Ravi Teja having taken their self- realization in US itself putting special efforts to spread the message of Love through SY programs. They were part local collective when the program was held at the Mark Twain Museum in Hartford.

RAVI TEJA, who is also a classical singer, meditating for last 3 months said,” Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a great platform for students who are pursuing higher studies. They usually require loads of concentration, ease of pressure and definitely peace of mind, which Sahaja Yoga can certainly provide. It gives us great opportunity to find the inner peace, union with our conscious and a positive mind-set. All these reasons add support of Sahaja Yoga for students in studies.”

Meditating for last six months, Shraddha, said, “I was not a spiritual or religious person at all. Shri Mataji’s way of looking at the world is different. She has pure knowledge and that vision which only Adi Shakti can have. The fact that Sahaj Meditation is linked to raising your own energy is fascinating and simple and full of vibrations. I never believed in meditation, but now after following Sahaj yoga, I feel it keeps me more in balanced state. Made me realize how to make peace with everything, and to be calm in most stressful situations. I do not get angry or sad but it just passes by once I start putting attention on Sahastrar. ”

Deepa,who is doing her PhD in Physics, is trying to relate basic science to Sahaja Yoga. She says, “Quantum Physics is now confirming that there is a universal ocean called consciousness that permeates the whole universe and our individual consciousness is like a wave in that. This super-powerful and omniscient force exists within each of us and we can access this through Sahaj Meditation that brings us to our subconscious where this limitless power resides.

When we meditate, this wave of our individual consciousness starts settling down into the ocean and when this wave merges completely, our thoughts become quiet (we achieve thoughtless) and we experience state of unity with the source of creation, the Param Chaitanya.”

Sureshwho is a Psychology student says, “We have a collective in Connecticut but now after the event, I know that I am part of a bigger family. I got an opportunity to meet and share experiences with brothers and sisters from different countries. Spiritually, I realized that there is a super power that is guiding us. This power and energy can be sensed when we have pure thoughts. We just need to have that intent. Being a student of psychology, I know that we behave in a specific way because of our values and beliefs. Sahaja Yoga takes us to the level that psychology cannot explain. The focus is on Soul.”

Also, part of Connecticut collective was G.Saketh from Hyderabad who got his realization in India and doing PhD. in Chemistry. He says, “By Shri Mataji’s grace, I’ve been meditating for over 13 years now, throughout this time I’ve been a student and I can tell that meditation greatly helps students to concentrate on their studies. Sometimes we can be right sided and heat up our liver when we think a lot about our studies. In Chemistry, we call this exothermic reaction, whenever heat is released. This heat needs to be cooled off and Mother energy, our Kundalini, works on our energy centres to remove the heat while we meditate and it brings us back to balanced state.”


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