Shri Ganesh at every chakra & His blessings

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About Shri Ganesh as said by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

Now there are various ways people worship Shri Ganesha, but there’s only a simple way – is to remember Him and sit before His photograph and take vibrations from Him. That’s the best way you can balance yourself. There are so many worries, there are so many struggles you have – all this can be neutralised by Shri Ganesh. He’s, though innocent, He is extremely clever and when He comes to your help you are amazed how He works it out and how He removes all the hurdles and all the worries from you.

So this is the most important deity we have. Though it’s a very simple deity, the Mooladhar chakra is very, very complicated. It’s one of the most complicated chakras, I think, because it has many waves, it has many compartments, we can say, which all the time are vibrating and oscillating. So to steady down these you should try to be absolutely dedicated to Shri Ganesh.

Shri Ganesha Puja. “We must respect the Mother Earth”, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 25 September 1999.

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