West Bengal Collective welcomes Chaitanya Rath!

Sahaja Spreading

03rd Sep’19 To 17th Sep’19 were days that honored Sahaja Yoga Bengal Collective with the gracious arrival of Chaitanya Rath! Here are some pictures and videos showing the joyous celebrations of the Divine Rath Yatra!


By the grace of sri Mataji The PARAM CHAITNAYA RATH has completed the yatra of West Bengal today which was started on 1st Sept’19 after Sri Ganesh Puja.

The PARAM CHAITANYA RATH has visited 53 sub Centres of West Bengal in 17 days (which in itself is a miracle) & spreads the massage of LOVE among all Sahajyogis. I personally feel that the main purpose of Param Chaitnanya Rath is to join us all together in the bandhan of Her eternally Pure love.

Now it is our duty to forget our differences & do the Sahajyoga work together. We should promise to Sri Mata ji that we will work together & we will prove that we are Her worthy children.

First of all I thank to Sri Mataji for her grace we all could enjoy 17 days in The Param Chaitnanya Rath & gathered lots of valuable experiences on the way.

I also thanks to both of my sahajyogi brothers the Sharthi of Rath Mr. Jayveer Yadav & Krishi Coordinator Mr. Somnath Kamley, with whom time rolled by in immense joy & bliss.

Thanks to all Sahaj yogis especially yuva shakti who wants to do Sahaj work together.

Now it’s my personal experience that if we do any work on vibration basis then no difference will arise amongst us in future

Jai Sri Mata Ji

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