I.S.P.S – Most Influential brand in Education!

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I.S.P.S (International Sahaj Public School) Dharamshala has been recognised as the Most Influential brand in Education by Asia One Magazine. Also ISPS Principal Mrs.Gagandeep was recognised as Most Influential Leader in Education. As the principal could not travel to Mumbai I received these awards on behalf of the school in a glittering ceremony in Mumbai. Many congratulations to the principal, teachers, non teaching staff, parents, students and school management.

Based on the teachings of Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sahaja Education, while striving for excellence in an internationally recognized academic curriculum, envisages the development of the child in an atmosphere where the students imbibe the timeless and unchanging values which come from inner awareness, and are not subject to the vagaries of fashion, religion or national culture or mindless competition.

It is a well-rounded education, with lots of exercise, many creative and expressive outlets, a great deal of collectivity but perhaps most importantly plenty of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

The focus of Sahaja Education is on developing self-respect which leads to respect for others, a love of Nature, care for the environment, gentleness, nobility, honesty and wisdom; essential assets for the great adventure of life.

This is a proud moment for staff, students, alumni and Sahaja Yogis around the world to reflect and acknowledge Shri Mataji’s amazing vision and celebrate this recognition.

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