Overcoming Stress With Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Corporate Training

Stress is the tension and pressure an individual feels. It can be considered a part of daily life. As a college student you could experience stress while trying to live up to your expectations, adapt to a new environment or make new friends. Stress is not always harmful. A slight amount of stress could also work to push you into action and improve yourself.

However, high stress levels could lower your performance, stop you from enjoying life and create problems in your relationships.

Most of us think stress comes from external factors like family, friends, sickness or school but these factors themselves aren’t stressful events. What makes them stressful is our reactions to them and our opinions. Different people might interpret events in a variety of ways and could show different reactions to stress. This comes to mean, the external factor isn’t enough to term something stress by itself, it is the relationship with the person that makes it stressful.


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