What happens when we meditate – The Chakra Connection

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

While meditating, our chakras and other parts of the subtle system give out indications of blockages / catches/ blocks / hindrances that Mother Kundalini faces when she rises. 

While She (Mother Kundalini) gets busy clearing the chakra, we get to feel the repercussions of the clearance in the form of itching/ burning sensation in different parts of the body. In the given diagram, the various body part corresponding to the chakra has been shown. Thus when during meditation, when we feel some tingling sensation in any body part, we try to clear it from our own side as well.

For example:

Let’s say your Left Forefinger feels a tingling tinge during meditation, this indicates that your Left Vishuddhi is blocked/ having negativities attached to it. This usually happens when an individual is ‘guilty’ of something or has ‘bad relations’ with siblings. In Sahaja Yoga, we are taught the different ways/ methods/ mantras to clear a blockage.

Ultimately, it is Mother Kundalini who is clearing the chakras and making her way to the Sahasrara. It is our birth right to assume our true divine identity – also known as getting our self realization – which happens when and only when this divine element (Kundalini Shakti) is consciously awakened and prayed to – in order to give us our self realization!

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