What Is Sahaja Yoga?

Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga allows us to discover the Inner Self or Spirit through the awakening of the Kundalini energy, a process known as Self-Realization.

Sahaja Yoga was developed in 1970 by a renowned spiritual leader, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who hailed from India.

We are all born with (the very meaning of the word “Sahaja”) the Kundalini energy and the ability to achieve its union (the word yoga means “union”) of our Inner Self or Spirit with the all-pervading power.

Yet, for centuries, very few people were able to easily awaken the Kundalini energy and harness its power through the practice of meditation to receive its practical, real-world benefits and to pursue their own personal path to spirituality and enlightenment.

Benefits of Sahaja Yoga

Meditation practiced in Sahaja Yoga is good for heart, mind, body and soul. Sahaja Yoga is the easiest, most direct method available to anyone who seeks to discover the Inner Self and explore the depths of spirituality. It offers a practical method for understanding your own subtle energy system and tapping into this powerful force. The awareness of the subtle energy system is completely verifiable through a sensation of the flow of the energy on the palms and finger tips and on the top of the head.

Your journey begins with one step

While many other forms of Yoga and meditation strive to achieve Self-Realization as a destination or culmination of the spiritual journey, Sahaja Yoga provides Self-Realization on day one. The spiritual journey that commences after this becomes a lot easier rather than having to work hard for years to achieve the connection with the all-pervading power.

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