Sahaja Yoga @ India International Mega Trade Fair

Sahaja Spreading

Several seekers of truth benefited in a very unique way in the 18th International Mega Trade Fair held in the last week of December 2019 in Kolkata! Several Sahaja yogi volunteers took active participation and gave self-realization to willing candidates.

Inner peace and manage stress through Sahaja Yoga (SY) Meditation appears to be going strong by the Sahaja Yogis’ special efforts to spread the message of divine love envisioned by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. This is taking place in all the countries including most of Indian urban and rural areas. The power of love and compassion blessed every seeker with the experience of real inner peace and bliss at the Sahaja Yoga Stall. Here are some fond memories of the week long event!

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